Ignite Kids Project

Aloha, Everyone-

I never learned how to make money as an artist. This subject was missing from the curricula of all the art classes I took. I have talked to many artists who say the same thing. Sometime in my 30s, I was at an amazing art gallery in the Smoky Mountains. The owner was such a nice guy. He took me aside and taught me how to make money as an artist. This kind, generous act is something I wish to pass on to every artist I can. This is a very special mission for me and it’s something I am very passionate about. This is how the “Ignite Kids Project” got started.
I created this “Masterclass Training” course to share everything I learned about marketing products, building brands, and online marketing. I offer this course free of charge to all art students everywhere. Whether you are in high school or college, or are starting art a little later in life, you can learn how to make money as an artist.

Please Enjoy!